06.03.2017, 02:04
Sweden, Norway take additional places at U21/U19 World Championships

NEWS REPORT: With no team from Oceania participating, Sweden for the Men's U21 World Championship 2017 and Norway for the U19 tournament take over an additional place for Europe

Sweden, Norway take additional places at U21/U19 World Championships

There will be 12 European teams each participating in the Men's U21 and U19 World Championships this year, after it was confirmed that no team from Oceania would participate at the final tournaments.

Sweden will take up the place that was freed at the Men's U21 World Championship, while Norway will be the twelfth European team at the Men's U19 World Championship.

Initially, Sweden placed 2nd in Qualification Group 2 and Norway ranked twelfth at the Men's 18 EHF EURO 2016, meaning they had not qualified but were the first substitute should a place become available.

Following the confirmation of participation, the following European teams take part at the U21 and U19 World Championship this year. At both events 24 teams will participate in total.

Men's U21 World Championship: Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, FYR Macedonia, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden  

Men's U19 World Championship: France, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Denmark, Spain, Iceland, Serbia, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Norway

The Men's U21 World Championship takes place in Algeria from 17 to 30 July. 

The Men's U19 World Championship takes place in Georgia from 7 to 20 August. 


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