17.03.2017, 05:02
New beach handball teachíng video published

NEWS REPORT: A new beach handball teaching video focusses on bringing the sport to children and teenagers, emphasing the sport's benefits for the young

New beach handball teachíng video published

The EHF Beach Handball Commission has released a new beach handball video that specifically addresses children and teenagers interested in the sport.

The 20-minute clip includes plenty of exercises, such as for spin shots or in-flight goals, but also focusses on the question how chidren in their development can benefit from playing handball - and how current indoor players can improve their skills by playing on the beach.

The exercises on display have been supervised by Sinisa Ostoic, a member of the Beach Handball Commission from 2012 to 2016, and EHF Lecturer and Pro Coaching License holder Tamas Neukum.

The clip "Beach Handball - Younger Ages -  can be watched in the teaching videos section of the EHF's activities websites.

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