05.12.2017, 04:45
Beach handball event manual released

The new manual is designed to assist beach handball event managers to stage a successful tournament

Beach handball event manual released

The EHF's Beach Handball Commission has released a beach handball event manual for the Men's/Women's 18 Beach Handball EURO in Montenegro next year.

The manual summarises the needs and pre-conditions in order to realise a successful championship and shall help organisers to understand and follow-up on the necessary tasks and duties to stage a successful championship.

As such it is also of use for the wider beach handball events sector and has therefore been made available for download.

The aim is to assist an effective event management through the provision of a step-by-step guide to the planning process, together with sample checklists, rundowns, charts and adaptable templates.

Download link: https://cloud.ehf.eu/index.php/s/y0iRK3FOKtQAvTl

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